Understanding profiling

Marketing professionals worldwide use complex and detailed profiling methods to finetune the ads you see. Because of the way that they are made, these profiles can be built based on a small group of people, but then applied to anyone that matches the same criteria. simply put: there are general categories that we personally get put into
-and we have no say about it.

Nearly all of us are profiled in that way, in Germany alone over 70 million people! We believe you have a right to know this information and at Your Digital Self we have developed an ethically sustainable platform to enable this. We want to share as much of your profile as we can with you personally.

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Due to required data anonymization processes, profiling information is not included in data requests based on GDPR. The only way to get to it at the moment is to buy it from the companies that sell this information as a service to other companies.
… we don’t like that, but we don’t see a way around it at the moment.

To make sure that your profile information doesn’t end up in the hands of someone pretending to be you, you will receive your profile after passing our identity verification process.


We are on a journey together with you our subscriber to develop a fair relationship with those businesses who have access to and likely use and/or sell your data. This course will entail four clear benefits for you.
Your Digital Profile is the first step, there are further projects in the pipeline!
Find out more at www.your-digital.self.com

Your Digital Profile

Discovering and understanding your online profile together.